My recent talk: “What does the Year of the Dog have in store for us?”

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I was really looking forward to giving my annual feng shui talk hosted by Expat Living – this year at a new venue! It was supposed to be Harvey Norman’s flagship store at Millenia Walk but they got busy with their Chinese New Year promotions and were not able to host us any more, so Expat Living found another fabulous venue: Sam and Sara Home, a brandnew store at Tan Boon Liat Building in Outram Road. And what a beautiful shop it is! Lots of extravagant-looking accessories, silver and gold ornaments, small pieces of feature furniture, large dining tables with natural stone tops, lamps and lanterns, and all sorts of unique bits and pieces. Please go and check it out, it really is worth a visit.

All set up!
All set up!

Shortly before 10am the shop started filling up and soon everybody was mingling and chatting. It was a rather large crowd – 40 people had registered and everybody was here. This year, we even had a few gentlemen in the audience (!). I was delighted to see a few familiar faces of ladies who had attended one of my previous talks.

After a warm welcome by Susan from Expat Living and Sam from Sam & Sara, it was my turn to introduce myself and the topic of today’s talk: What does the Year of the Dog have in store for us? Explained through the meaning of the annual flying stars and how they affect each of us.

This is the Annual Flying Stars Chart for 2018:

Flying Stars Chart 2018
Flying Stars Chart 2018

Each year, the annual flying stars, represented by the number 1 – 9, fly into a different location, causing a great shift of energy. And because each compass location is connected to a family member and is also home to one or two zodiac animal signs, the stars affect us differently each year.

The good news for 2018 is that both the matriarch and the patriarch can enjoy positive stars again after suffering from negative energy last year. This should have an overall positive effect on all families seeing that the Mums and Dads should be doing well. The matriarchs benefit from the No 6 Heaven Star, which flies into the SW, bringing helpful friends and benefactors, as well as unexpected windfall luck. But also those born in the Years of the Sheep and Monkey and those with bedrooms in the SW will enjoy this fabulous luck!

The No 1 Victory Star flies into the NW, bringing victory over competition and career success to the patriarchs and those born in the Years of the Dog and Boar. But of course anyone who wants to move forward in his/her career can activate the Victory Star! This is easily done by carrying a Wind Horse Amulet and/or placing a Wind Horse Lumi Tile on your desk or in your NW at home.

Wind Horse Amulet
Wind Horse Amulet
Windhorse Lumi Tile
Windhorse Lumi Tile

Another most auspicious sector in 2018 is the SE, home to the annual Wealth Star, which brings abundant prosperity and money luck. Those born in the Years of the Dragon and the Snake will particularly benefit, and those with bedrooms in the SE. And if your house faces SE, the whole family will enjoy tremendous wealth luck!

Golden Palm Tree Lamp
Golden Palm Tree Lamp

While it is usually excellent to have wood element in your SE, this year it is recommended to remove your plants from the SE because the wood element weakens the earth element of the No 8 Wealth Star, making it difficult for your wealth luck to materialize. So please, remove your plants and wooden items from your SE and use other enhancers instead, eg a Wealth Bowl or a Bejewelled Wealth Tree.

If only my SE was a larger space – I would be so tempted to get this stunning golden palm tree lamp to activate my wealth luck this year! This is such a fabulous piece, symbolizing the wood element of the SE but not being wood, and of course anything covered in gold will activate wealth!

But we also need to take care of some nasty stars and this is why it is so important to update your feng shui every year.

This year 2018 please be aware of the following dangers:

  • The No 2 Illness Star – particularly affecting the Rooster, youngest daughter and those with bedrooms/front doors in the WEST.
  • The quarrelsome No 3 Star – particularly affecting the Ox and Tiger, youngest son and those with bedrooms/main doors in the NE.
  • The 5 Yellow Misfortune Star – bringing great danger in particular to the Rat, middle son and those with bedrooms/main doors in the NORTH.
  • The No 7 Robbery Star – bringing theft and violence especially to the Rabbit, the oldest son and those with bedrooms/front doors in the EAST

Needless to say, it is important to protect yourself and your family in the best possible way. Please look out for the next blog post which I will post on the subject very soon.

I have been doing this talk with Expat Living for about five years running now and this year I had a special treat for the audience. For the first time, I included a short summary of the luck of each zodiac animal for this coming year.

It was a great morning. The audience was fantastic and very much involved with many questions throughout my presentation and afterwards. Sam was a wonderful host and invited me to do another talk soon! If any of you reading this blog is also in Instagram, please have a look at “samandsarahomesg” where you can see more photos of the event and the shop!

Sam, Lucy & Susan

23 January 2018


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