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Have you heard of the Four Celestial Guardians? They are part of a wonderful description determining the perfect location for your house.

As you know, Feng Shui dates back thousands of years and it was in these very “olden” days when the people relied on their knowledge of nature to survive. So it was only natural that they considered the environment very carefully before deciding where to build their house.

This is where the Four Celestial Guardians come into play:


The Black Tortoise represents a mountain and should be at the back of your house. Having a mountain or hills at the back of your house offers protection and support for its residents


The Green Dragon is on the left of your house and is represented by another elevation or hill. This hill should be lower than the Black Tortoise at the back but higher than the elevation to the right of your house. The Green Dragon is said to bring wealth into your home.


The White Tiger is represented by a hill or an elevation on the right side of your house. This elevation should be lower than the hill on your left. The White Tiger is said to protect the wealth that is brought by the Green Dragon.


The last of the Four Celestial Guardians, the Crimson Phoenix, is located at the front of your house. It should be represented by a bright object, e.g. a flowering plant, or a moving object. It can be a small elevation, often referred to as “the footstool”. The Crimson Phoenix will attract positive Chi to enter your home

Celestial animals

So when choosing a new house to live in it is important that you look at the surroundings of the house too and ascertain the presence of the Four Celestial Guardians. This setting is also called the “armchair position”, hence the Crimson Phoenix as the footstool at the front, to complete the comfortable (and protected) position.

In today’s modern times where more people live in urban environments than in the countryside, the buildings have taken the place of the mountains. If you find your landscape Feng Shui is not ideal, you can place images of the Four Celestial Guardians in your living space to improve your Feng Shui. In addition, placing a figure of a (black) Tortoise at the back of your house is always good (and important!) to symbolise the missing mountain.

The Four Celestial Guardians pictures

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