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Underbed storage seems the ideal place to keep all sorts of bits and bobs. But the truth is, it is bad Feng Shui.


The reason is very simple really. When you sleep, your body is not only resting but also re-charging, and to do this effectively, the “Chi” (energy) should be able to flow freely around your body. That means, the “Chi” should also be able to flow freely underneath your bed.

But what to do if you really need your underbed drawers due to space constraints?

First of all, it would be advisable to empty all the underbed boxes and drawers and do some serious de-cluttering. Let’s face it – underbed drawers easily become the new home of things we don’t really need any more but don’t want to let go either, eg old books, clothes that might fit us again one day, shoes we hardly use, sentimental memorabilia (but honestly, if they have any value, why did they end up under the bed?), etc etc. Being left under the bed, you are likely to forget about these items sooner or later (out of sight – out of mind!) and all they will do is collect dust and block the “Chi”. This creates stagnant energy – which in time becomes negative energy – and you certainly don’t want that under your bed.

If you find you do need to use the underbed storage drawers, I recommend you use them for items you change regularly, such as your bed linen, or items you change periodically, such as seasonal clothing (winter/summer clothes, beachwear/items). That way you are at least avoiding the space below your bed to become stagnant, which is a plus point.

Originals Java Teak Rattan Bed
Originals Java Teak Rattan Bed

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