Working Efficiently from Home

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Most of us are working from home these days and despite the gradual easing of the Covid19 restrictions, it looks like this will continue for a while yet. Even when non-essential staff are allowed to return to their offices/work places, chances are that working from home will continue to be encouraged one way or another, be it by implementing a rotating team system or arranging regular work days at home.

Not everybody has the luxury of having a home office though! But even if you only have a small work corner or “just” work from your dining table, there are a few Feng Shui rules you can easily implement to help you create a space where you can focus, be productive, and successful.

    • Sit with your back to a wall.
    • Choose the “command position” from which you have a good view of the room, including the door.
    • Hang a mountain picture behind your seat for continued support from your superiors.
    • Check that there are no poison arrows coming from sharp corners, hitting you when you sit at your work station.
    • If you work from your dining table, create a change of scene by removing your work during mealtimes and set the table nicely.
    • If you work in your bedroom, shut down your computer for the night and clear away your work papers/materials. Work and sleep should always be separated.

In addition, facing one of your auspicious directions, especially your “Success” or “Personal Growth” direction, would of course be a great advantage!

working from home

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