Feng Shui Gift Amulets for Mother’s Day

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With Mother’s Day around the corner I thought it would be helpful to curate some Feng Shui Gift Ideas.

We have selected four amulets that are particularly auspicious for Mum to carry. After all, don’t we all wish our Mum (or wife) the best possible luck on earth?
So, to celebrate Mother’s Day, we are offering 25% discount on the following amulets ordered during the month of May:

The Dog Amulet – this super cute amulet will activate the power of the dog this year. A wonderful companion for all dog loving Mums (and I know there are a lot!), and particularly for those Mums who are born in the Years of the Dog, Rabbit, Horse and Tiger..

Jade Emperor Heaven Amulet – the Jade Emperor offers divine luck from heaven, often in the form of sending helpful friends just when you need them. This amulet will activate the No 6 Heaven Star, the energies of which favours all mothers this year!

Treasure Chest Amulet – the mission of this gorgeous amulet is to help enhance your Mum’s wealth luck! During the month of May, the No 8 Wealth Star influences the luck of the mothers – so this would indeed be a very timely gift! This beautiful Treasure Chest amulet is filled with gold coins and ingots and will help to boost financial luck and keep assets safe.

Wish Granting Amulet – not just an eye-catching amulet for your Mum to attach to her handbag, it is also a Wealth Amulet that will fulfil her wishes and attract prosperity and abundance into her life! It is especially powerful during this month of May when all mothers benefit from the No 8 Wealth Star.

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